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Inca Trail 2 Days / 1 Night


This is an ideal alternative to trekking, adapted to visitors with limited time and or wishing to avoid extreme physical effort. It incorporates imposing landscapes, exotic places, valleys, flora, fauna, ecological mountains, archaeological centers and ancestral mystic energy, all of which takes us to the most spectacular and enigmatic citadel MACHU PICCHU.




We’ll leave early morning from hotel in our private bus accompanied by a professional guide to the train station (San Pedro) from where we will begin the journey by train appreciating the beautiful mountains, landscapes that introduce us to the valley in the atmosphere of the sky of CUSCO.


We will continue until we are arrive km. 104, this journey takes us approximately three hours, after a small rest we will begin  our expedition.


The first archaeological center that we will visit is CHACHABAMBA (2250 m.) that shows an architectural beauty in the same valley.


Then gradually we will ascend in approximately three hours, toward the fascinating archaeological group WIÑAYWAYNA (2650 m.), a place where we will enjoy their charms and our boxed lunch.


After a rest we will continue in a semi-tropical forest toward the mystic INTIPUNKU (the sun gate), a place where we will enjoy the first panoramic view of the enigmatic citadel of MACHU PICCHU, surrounded of impressive mountainous peaks and deep valleys, with the URUBAMBA river, from INTIPUNKU, we will descend for 30 minutes toward the same citadel and we will stop ourselves at highest part of the citadel where we rest and take pictures, then we will descend to our campsite at PUENTE RUINAS (AGUAS CALIENTES).




After breakfast we will take the first bus to MACHU PICCHU (2,400 m) to enjoy the dawn in this magic place before the arrival of the other tourists coming from CUSCO.


The guided visit inside the citadel will take two hours and a half approximately, and then we will have free time to explore freely the exotic tranquility of the lost city of the Inca.


In the afternoon we will descend toward AGUAS CALIENTES to take our return train to CUSCO.




  • Transfers

  • Round trip train ticket, tourism class "backpacker"

  • Bilingual Professional tour guide (English, Spanish)

  • Entrance to MACHU PICCHU

  • Meals (1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner)

  • Bus Ticket: MACHU PICCHU – AGUAS CALIENTES (2 tickets)

  • Transfer to Hotel / station / Hotel


  • 1st day breakfast, last lunch

  • Entrance to the hot spring

  • Tips

WE RECOMMEND: (you bring with you)

  • Canteen (Water bottle)

  • Torch, or flashlight with batteries

  • Matches

  • Insect Repellent

  • Sun block cream

  • Trekking shoes

  • Raincoat, or rain poncho

  • at for solar protection

  • Towel

  • oilet paper

  • Personal Trekking clothes, for cold and warm weather





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